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'When I commissioned the M&A Team to carry out an UpSize™ of our business - five sites, 80 employees - I really wasn't expecting the in-depth and accurate summary of the business that was produced.

The SWOT analysis was spot on and highlighted all the key issues in the business, in a structured and easily actionable way - all based on an extremely simple process of interrogation, which lasted less than four hours.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a handle on what they should be doing to improve and grow their business - whether or not they are planning growth by acquisition.'

Arjen Cooper-Rolfe, Chief Executive, Involvement Packaging Ltd.

'We were hugely impressed with UpSize™. We have used internal psychometric testing for 5 years and this has without doubt helped us to enhance team performance and above all create successful communications which in a service industry such as ours is paramount.

The ability to deploy this kind of thinking not only when looking at potential acquisition but also JVs and latterly even key supplier arrangements helped us to select and address external communications in the same way.

This has led to better relationships, enhanced working practice and of course profit.

Many thanks for all of your help in understanding just how vital this understanding is in the rapidly changing, data on demand, 24/7 culture, we are operating in.'

Peter Grant, Managing Director, Vision Direkt UK Ltd

'I am convinced your approach is unusual, if not unique, and is very forward thinking. The combination of the frustrations in the business as experienced by Roger and David, combined with the cultural intelligence necessary to work with people which you bring, is a powerful combination: a different approach, which is logically sound, and putting people first in an industry dominated by motivation of money.

The questions you have set out hit the spot … about people, and relationships within the business. How do managers treat the teams, and do employees understand the business (not just their role)? Even the systems questions are designed to make the leader think'.

Mike Jennings, Oxford Business Mentors

'The UpSize™ report gave me a fascinating insight into my business. It helped me understand exactly where we stand now, and what we need to do to grow. What was particularly interesting, was the insight into our culture and leadership style. I could see our strengths, and how to build on any weaknesses.'


Ben Afia, head honcho, Afia Consulting Limited



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