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We know what you’re thinking: advisors, advisors, advisors – coming out of our ears and bleeding us dry.

Just one question: what is the long-term cost of an acquisition that goes wrong?

And one more: wouldn’t it be better to identify the problems in advance, even if it means not doing the deal eventually, and even if it does cost more than the standard (and as can be proven, flawed) methods?

Our fees are negotiated in advance, based on the extent of the activity we undertake, but are not predicated on the success of getting a deal done, unless you expressly wish to include such an element in the calculation.

Success fees can have an impact on outcomes: making sure the deal is done, even when it may not be in the business’s long-term interests.

Like the process we describe in getting to a concluded negotiation, our fees reflect the importance of the first two stages of the process:

Stage one (Research): negotiable, depending on the complexity and number of sectors being investigated.

Stage two (Business ‘Fit’): negotiable per business researched

Stage three (The Deal): x% of deal value, less any fees incurred in stages one and two.

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