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Bottled Water

Geographical expansion with vertical integration.  Deals funded by private equity and bank working capital.  Acted for Buyer.


Food Manufacturing

Acquisition of brand and access to supermarket channels.  Business still in investment phase, so deal with some cash and mainly earn-out.  Acted for Seller.

Gift Retail

Acquisition of retail business by a regional company going for access to national accounts.  Owner taken on by acquirer.  Acted for Seller.


Geographical expansion of customer base.  Deal funded by cash in target and generated cash-flow by newly acquired company.  Acted for Buyer.

Printing MBO

Acquisition of well-established business by management team.  Acquisition at a discount to asset value.  Enabled MBO team to take their own strategic decisions.  Acted for Buyer.

Mail Order

Acquisition of mail order business by a manufacturing company seeking retail margins.  Sale on multiple of future profits.  Acted for Seller.


Management team acquisition of established business. Deal funded by investor loan, and targeted sales earn out. Acted for Seller.

Disaster Recovery

Acquisition of company to facilitate owner exit, enabled geographical expansion with a 1-year payback. Acted for Buyer.


Acquisition of electronics manufacturing company.  Revised £9m to £3.3m on due diligence.  Acted for Buyer.

Mobile Data

Geographical expansion from UK into Europe.  Deal funded by equity placing and bank funding.  50% reduction on asked-for valuation.  Acted for Buyer.

Events Provider

Acquisition by the management team of UK business with back-to-back sale of international business.  Acted for Buyer.


Acquisition of brands and bottled water FMCG products.  Secured the supply of water licence.  Acted for Buyer.

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