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What do you think of when you think about mergers and acquisitions? Money, right?


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Our 3D approach to mergers and acquisitions – cultural, operational, financial – is designed to make every business acquisition a win/win/win solution for buyers, sellers and employees alike.



How we work with you to help you grow your business. We believe in a different methodology from the current failed format. Our 3-stage solution keeps you in full control of the process. Read more…

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The M&A Team’s mission is to help businesses massively improve the odds of success when growing by acquisition.


Using our proprietary, cloud-based UpSize™ business mapping tool, we will help you to find businesses that are a good fit culturally, operationally and financially.


We think of it as ‘pre due-diligence due-diligence’, and it comes on the back of a strategic planning session that helps you to define a clear profile of the kinds of business that will achieve your growth objectives.


When we then compare the UpSize of a takeover target with your own, we can immediately highlight the areas which will require detailed attention as part of your post-acquisition strategy.


When you’re planning to invest millions in a venture, it surely makes sense to spend a few thousand to be more sure of what you are buying – and what the likely contribution to your bottom line will really be, once the dust has settled.  In extremis, you may even decide not to proceed at all, and to seek other more compatible merger partners.


Still not convinced? Then think on this: recent research tells us that up to 80% of all acquisitions made in the last decades have failed to enhance shareholder value. As one commentator put it:


“It's hard to find any research study on acquisitions that holds great promise for them as a pathway to growth. Fewer than a quarter of the deals end up performing well enough to cover the cost of the capital that went into them. Often the best that can be said is that they were good moves for the sellers, or windfalls for the competitors lucky enough to be undistracted from the ills of post-merger indigestion.” © Robert M. Tomasko.


That was written in 1999. Despite all the evidence and the ongoing opportunities, it seems that little has changed since then. The M&A Team's sole purpose will be to help your acquisition to be part of the successful 20%.


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